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The Battle of Chestnut Neck

Through our last Revolutionary NJ Blog entry, historian Earl Cain consulted the works of Atlantic County Historian Rev. Norman Goos to share the contributions of New Jersey’s Patriot seamen in the fight for independence. In this installment, he tells the story of the October 1778 British attack on the privateer center at Chestnut Neck. Everything […]


Remembering Francis McGinley

When the Crossroads staff learned of the passing of painter and art historian Francis McGinley, our Program Manager, Kate Brindle, was inspired to share her thoughts about this gifted artist.   Frank was an amazing artist, historian and man, whose talent knew no bounds. It was truly an honor to know him. His ability to […]

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“Revolution Through Our Eyes” brings kids’ point of view to War for Independence

Stories from the American Revolution have inspired countless movies since the earliest days of the film industry. None, though, are quite as creative as those produced by 70 fifth graders from Burnet Hill Elementary School in Livingston, NJ. The “Revolution Through Our Eyes” video series is the result of a year-long project to help students […]

Hopkinson Stars and Stripes Color

Hopkinson’s Stars and Stripes

June 14 marks Flag Day, which this year marks the 240th anniversary of the date when Congress officially designated the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the United States of America. For this month’s Revolutionary NJ blog post, we asked former Crossroads President Kevin Tremble to share his journey in discovering the designer […]

Continental troops marching to the Battle of Acquackanonk being led by (then) Bergen County Sheriff Bob Herb, Passaic, NJ Autumn 1977.

The Approach of the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution: A look back at where we started

In less than a decade, the United States will commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Revolutionary War, and for many Americans, the focus on our nation’s birth will spark a lifelong interest in our shared heritage.  Such was the case for noted Loyalist historian, author and Crossroads Advisory Board member Todd Braisted during the 1976 Bicentennial. Through personal recollections […]

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Revolutionary Jersey Girls

A“Jersey Girl” is known for her spirit, drive and “take no prisoners” approach to life. The 18th century women who lived in New Jersey may not have taken up arms in the American Revolution, but many made important contributions to the fight for independence. To commemorate Women’s History Month, Crossroads asked Jan Hunold, Regent of […]

The Stories (spring)

Welcome to the Revolutionary NJ Blog

The Crossroads of the American Revolution is home to countless historians and craftspeople who make the 18th century come to life in New Jersey. They’re passionate about sharing stories of what it was like to live here during wartime, how historic events shaped the communities we live in today… and much, much more. Over the […]

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