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Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area preserves and shares the past, present and future of New Jersey’s revolutionary story through a network of regional and national partnerships. Serving as the coordinating entity for the Heritage Area, these partnerships are at the core of Crossroads’ work. From designated Partner Sites and Heritage Area communities to national preservation organizations and historical companies, the new partners only section of our website is dedicated to connecting partners with resources needed to share this important story.

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Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area is dedicated to preserving, sharing and celebrating America’s Revolutionary story of New Jersey. A large part of the region’s heritage can be found within the cultural events, festivals and re-enactments of the area. If your organization hosts events celebrating the region’s rich Revolutionary culture, we would love to have them included on our Events Calendar.

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Upcoming Workshops and Meetings

-January 24, 2020 – Sharing Untold Stories – Crossroads Heritage Partners Professional Development at Morven

Additional Resources & Information

-The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums

-Artifact Assessment Program (AAP) a service of the New Jersey Association of Museums

-Cultural Assets and Heritage Tourism

Articles and Videos of Interest

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-National Trust for Historic Preservation “The Crossroads of the American Revolution”

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