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PHOTO CREDIT (all photos listed below): Crossroads of the American Revolution NHA

Caption: Crossroads of the American Revolution’s smartphone audio tour helps travelers explore a wealth of history and heritage through the words of the people who experienced it.

Tags: Ten Crucial Days, Washington’s Crossing

Caption: Washington’s troops cross the Delaware River.

Tags: Ten Crucial Days, Washington’s Crossing

Caption: Washington Crosses the Delaware River in a reenactment every Christmas Day.

Tags: Washington’s Crossing, Ten Crucial Days, Washington Crossing State Park

Caption: Fort Nonsense provides a strategic lookout point for Washington’s army during the Morristown encampments.

Tags: Greater Morristown – Patriot Enclave, Morristown NHP, Fort Nonsense

Caption: General John Cadwalader stayed in the Crosswicks Friends Meeting House before leading his troops westward to join other American forces in the second Battle of Trenton.

Tags: Ten Crucial Days

Caption: General George Washington was headquartered at the Wallace house in Somerville during the Middlebrook Encampment of 1778-9.

Tags: Middlebrook and the Defense of New Jersey

Caption: The First Presbyterian Church of Springfield was used as a storehouse during the American Revolution. The original structure was burned by the British during the Battle of Springfield. Its graveyard is the final resting place of at least 30 Revolutionary War soldiers.

Tags: Battle of Springfield


Caption: Reenactors take aim during the Battle of Trenton.

Tags: Battle of Trenton, Ten Crucial Days

Caption: Fort Lee Historic Park stands at the site of a fort abandoned by Washington’s troops in November 1776.

Tags: Retreat Across the Jerseys, Defense of the Hudson, Fort Lee Historic Park

Caption: Sandy Hook Light and the peninsula it stands on were British strongholds during the American Revolution.

Tags: Maritime Wars, Divided Loyalties, Gateway NHA, Lighthouse

Caption: Merchant Cornelius Low’s Raritan Landing home was spared by the British due to his loyalty to King George III.

Tags: Forage Wars, Divided Loyalties

Caption: Built in 1715, the Woodbury Friends Meeting House was occupied by both American and Hessian troops before and after the Battle of Red Bank in 1777.

Tags: Delaware River Towns

Caption: Built in the mid-18th century, the Cannon Ball House is one of the few witness buildings to survive the Battle of Springfield.

Tags: Battle of Springfield

Caption: People of all ages become part of the excitement at the Crossroads of the American Revolution.

Tags: Battle of Trenton, Ten Crucial Days

Caption: The Jacob Ford Mansion was Washington’s headquarters during the 1779-1780 winter encampment at Morristown, NJ.

Tags: Greater Morristown – Patriot Enclave, Morristown NHP, Washington’s Headquarters

Caption: The Vought house in Clinton was one of many that the Patriot New Jersey Legislature confiscated from Loyalist owners during the American Revolution.

Tags: Divided Loyalties, Loyalist

Caption: The Covenhoven house was headquarters for British General Sir Henry Clinton before the Battle of Monmouth in 1778.

Tags: Road to Monmouth, Divided Loyalties

Caption: The Van Veighten House was headquarters to Patriot General Nathanial Greene during the 1779 Middlebrook encampment.

Tags: Middlebrook and the Defense of New Jersey

Caption: Caldwell Parsonage was the site of the shooting of Hannah Caldwell, wife of Rev. James Caldwell, during the Battle of Connecticut Farms, June 7, 1780. Her death became a rallying point for New Jersey Patriots during the Battle of Springfield and beyond.

Tags: Battle of Springfield

Caption: Troops reenact the Battle of Trenton on the site where it occurred in December 1776.

Tags: Battle of Trenton, Ten Crucial Days

The huts covered in snow at Jockey Hollow, New Jersey.

Caption: Over 10,000 Continental soldiers built and lived in huts like these during the brutal winter encampment of 1779-1780 at Jockey Hollow in Morristown, NJ.

Tags: Greater Morristown – Patriot Enclave, Morristown NHP, Jockey Hollow

AbrahamStaatsHouseHighQuality_013Caption: The Abraham Staats house in Bound Brook was the headquarters of General Friedrich von Steuben during the second Middlebrook Encampment in 1779.

Tags: Middlebrook and the Defense of New Jersey, Forage Wars

Caption: The Nathanial Drake house was the site of a council of war held by General George Washington before the nearby Battle of the Short Hills in 1777.

Tags: Middlebrook and the Defense of New Jersey

Caption: Loyalist Rev. Jonathan Odell was minister at Burlington’s St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. He fled to New York in 1777 following demands from New Jersey’s Provincial Congress to sign a parole agreement. He later settled in Canada with other Loyalists.

Tags: Delaware River Towns

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