Old Tennent Church

tennant church448 Tennent Road, Tennent, NJ 07763
Phone: 732-446-6299/ Fax: 732-446-8088


Office Hours: Weekdays 9 AM – 12 PM

Typical of the simple houses of worship built by strong and devout early settlers, Old Tennent is used today by one of the oldest organized religious groups of our State.  It has had continuous existence for more than ten generations.  The congregation was formed in 1692 by a group of Scottish Dissenters who had fled their homeland to escape James II’s severe persecution for their beliefs.  It has occupied its existing building since 1751, and the structure has undergone little fundamental change.

This lovely church once served as a hospital during a celebrated engagement in the War for Independence — the Battle of Monmouth — which raged around it on June 28, 1778.  In that encounter the Colonial troops, under Washington’s personal command, forced a withdrawal of the enemy which virtually ended Britain’s military effectiveness in the northern part of the country.


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