The Vermeule Mansion (Van Derventer Brunson House)

The Vermeule Mansion (Van Derventer Brunson House) is located on property formerly owned and occupied by members of one of the locality’s pioneer families, the Vermeules. According to local historians, the Vermeules, a family of Dutch extraction, were “among the earliest and most influential settlers” along the Green Brook in what is now North Plainfield. The Vermeules’ local landholdings (which encompassed well over 1,000 acres) included a house in the current location of the Van Derventer Brunson House as a homestead built in 1736. Come see why the Vermeule family called their homestead “The Blue Hills Plantation.” Learn about how the plantation figured into the involvement in several important battles during the Revolutionary War and how the homestead supported thousands of American soldiers with sustenance and medical care.

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Hours: Saturdays, 10 AM – 4 PM (except holidays)


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