Greater Morristown-Patriot Enclave

The Continental Army spent two winters encamped in the vicinity of Morristown, the winter of 1777 following the Ten Crucial Days and the winter of 1779-1780. The latter winter was particularly severe, and the very existence of the army was threatened by the harsh conditions. Morris County was an enclave of patriot enthusiasm. Protected strategically by the Great Swamp and Watchung Mountains, the Continental Army could safely encamp here, close to the British Army in New York, and could move quickly north or south in response to British threats. Rich natural resources in the region, especially wood and iron, supplied the army’s logistical needs.

Morristown National Historic Park preserves and interprets the 1779-1780 sites where Washington’s army encamped. The region is scenic and has preserved much of its historic landscape. The storyline Greater Morristown – Patriot Enclave is associated with the theme A Revolutionary Landscape and sub-themes Strategy and Supply and Logistics as well as the theme Rendezvous for Rebellion and sub-theme Encampments and Daily Life of Soldiers.

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