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June 2022 – Battle of Monmouth Reenactment

June 2022 – The Skirmish! Reenactment at Haddonfield, NJ

April 2022 – Jockey Hollow event reveals women’ s roles during Winter 1779-80 Morristown Encampment

April 2022 – Volunteers make the American Revolution come alive at Morristown National Historical Park

March 2022 – Crossroads Signage Unveiled at Van Horne House, Bridgewater, NJ

March 2022 – Crossroads Signage Unveiled at Morristown National Historical Park

December 2021 – Crossroads Introduces Ten Crucial Days Smartphone Audio Tour

October 2021 – Crossroads Unveils Signage at Caldwell Parsonage in Union

April 2021- Crossroads Heritage Tourism App Informational Session

March 2020 – Crossroads signage unveiled at Liberty Hall Museum in Union

January 2020 – Chasing News interview with Revolution NJ logo designer Alex Flannery

November 2019 – Crossroads Signage Unveiled at Elizabeth’s Historic First Presbyterian Church and Burial Grounds

September 2019 – A Night at Tusculum

May 2019 – Day in the Life of… 18th Century Farm Families

April 2019 Battle of Bound Brook reenactment

March 2019 – Crossroads Salutes NJ Legislators for Contributions to Revolutionary NJ Heritage

December 2018 – New Crossroads Signage Unveiled at 1719 Trent House in Trenton

October 2018 – The Art of Period Trades and Crafts: A Taste of the Trades

June 2018 – Art of Period Trades and Crafts

May 2018 – Crossroads Signage Unveiled at Old Barracks Museum in Trenton

November 2017 – Art of Period Dress






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