Samuel Moore Shute

1763 – 1816

I was a very young soldier during the Revolution.

I was born in 1763, in Cumberland County, New Jersey, the fourth child of William and Hope Moore Shute. So I was just 13 years old when my father was commissioned in the Second New Jersey Regiment of the Continental Line. Nonetheless, he took me with him to the Burlington barracks where his regiment was organizing under Colonel William Maxwell and Lieutenant Colonel Israel Shreve, whose son John was only 14 years old.

John and I went with the army to Quebec, arriving not long before the army began to retreat south in May 1776. On June 14, we were sent with Lieutenant Ephraim Anderson, who had been wounded so badly he could no longer serve, to Philadelphia, where we could be trained to become officers for future engagements.

I was commissioned an ensign in the Second New Jersey and served throughout the war, rising to become first lieutenant.

After the war, I became a doctor and became very well known for my personal and medical skills. I died in 1816 at the age of 54.

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Image Samuel Moore Shute

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