The Bouman-Stickney Farmstead is named for its former owners. Dutch homesteader, Thomas Bouman, originally purchased the property sometime before 1740. The house was built in 1741 and stayed in the Bouman family until about 1855.

In 1935, Broadway playwright and producer Howard Lindsay purchased the house and surrounding property as a gift for his wife, Broadway and movie actress Dorothy Stickney. Ms. Stickney and Mr. Lindsay used the house as a weekend and vacation retreat until Mr. Lindsay’s death in 1968.

The house is a magnificent stone bank house with Dutch and German architectural influences. The stone for the facade, as well as the timbers for the frame were harvested from nearby Cushetunk Mountain.

Located on the Farmstead is an example of a relatively rare farming structure – a New World Dutch Barn. The original Wade-Wycoff barn sat on the Wade Farm property and was moved to the Bouman-Stickney property in 2000.


114 Dreahook Rd, Stanton, NJ 08885