This 18th-century farmhouse bore witness to the Battle of Monmouth as the home of John and Ann Craig and their three children. During the Revolutionary War, John Craig was in the Continental Army. This left his wife Ann as the sole protector of their property during the battle. Once it became clear that the British were heading towards Monmouth, she escaped with her child, two slaves, and her household goods to Upper Freehold, New Jersey. Ann decided not to take her prized possessions of silver and gold, out of fears that it would weigh her down on that treacherous journey. She instead placed them underneath the open well. She hid her buckets and chain in the hay mow in the barn. These efforts ended up in no avail, as the British shortly after reaching the farmstead were able to find the mineral wealth at the bottom of the well.

During that battle, the abandoned Craig House was quartered by the British and utilized as a hospital.

The Craig House is now part of Monmouth Battlefield State Park.





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