The Eversole-Hall House is named for two of its former owners: Charles Eversole and Abraham Hall. Eversole was a German immigrant and weaver by trade, who arrived in this country in 1753 and built the original portion of the house. After Mr. Eversole’s death, his grandson eventually sold the house and a portion of the surrounding land to Abraham Hall, a farmer and shoemaker, who enlarged the house and added a second story. The house remained occupied, without indoor plumbing until 1988, when the Township purchased it. After renovation by community volunteers, it opened as a museum in 1991. The house is used to interpret life in the 1830’s.

Though the exact construction year for the oldest portion of the house cannot be definitively dated, the house does appears on the map of Revolutionary Roads drawn by Robert Erskine, George Washington’s cartographer in late 1770’s.


509 Route 523. Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889