This house, which was built circa 1765, was the home of Revolutionary War soldier Jacob Gearhart. Jacob was born in Strasburg, Alsace, Germany, circa 1735. He emigrated to America with his parents, and the family settled in Hunterdon County. At the outbreak of the Revolutionary War in 1775, Jacob volunteered with the Hunterdon County Militia, where he rose from private to ensign to captain. He served at various locations in New Jersey, including Pittstown, Elizabethtown and Monmouth County. He fought at the Battle of Brandywine, and spent the winter of 1777/1778 at Valley Forge.

The most notable act of Jacob’s Revolutionary War service occurred before Washington’s famous Crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas 1776. General Washington ordered all boats collected from along the river for use in the crossing. Jacob Gearhart was one of the officers who led parties of soldiers to collect the boats. (Among the other men involved with collecting the boats were Daniel Bray, who is buried in Rosemont; and Thomas Jones, whose tavern was in Annandale. Like Jacob Gearhart, both of these men served as Captains in the Second Battalion of the Hunterdon County Militia.

Across the street is a smokehouse that is believed to have been part of the Jacob Gearhart homestead. The smokehouse was built circa 1789, the year that George Washington was inaugurated the first President of the United States.


166 River Rd, Annandale, NJ 08801