Greenfield Hall, which serves as the headquarters building for the Historical Society of Haddonfield, is the third home built on the property. The first was built in 1747, of which there is nothing remaining except for two small rooms on the east side. The rest of the home was built some time later.

During the Revolution, Haddonfield was involved in the Revolution on three occasions. In October 1777, Colonel von Donop’s Hessians were encamped here before and after the Battle of Red Bank. In February on 1778, during the Philadelphia campaign, both Patriot and Loyalist forces came through Haddonfield looking for forage for their armies. And during the British retreat to New York, on the Road to Monmouth, both forces again encamped in Haddonfield.


343 Kings Hwy. E., Haddonfield, NJ 08033


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