In 1695, John Mead, a Dutch weaver, joined Arent Schuyler, Samuel Berry, Hendrick and David Mandeville, George Ryerson, Anthony Brockholst, and Samuel Bayard on a venture to northern New Jersey, where they negotiated with indigenous Munsee speaking people for the rights to 5,500 acres of land in the region on behalf of the English Crown. When portions of this land were divided amongst the eight, Mead received lots in what is today the Mountain View section of Wayne. Mead died in 1714, leaving all his property to his wife, Margaret Mandeville Mead, to be divided equally amongst their four sons upon her death or remarriage. Though she did not die until 1745, the property was divided in 1740. The Mead’s son Giles received a lot located at the modern-day intersection of Route 23 and Fairfield Ave. Archaeological evidence from this site suggests that a temporary sod house may have been built initially, and either Giles Mead or his son, Giles Mead Jr. built the Mead-Van Duyne House, likely post-1750. 

n 1816, the property earned its contemporary name when Giles Mead Jr. sold the house and 160 acre property to his son-in-law, Abraham Van Duyne, and his daughter, Catherine Mead. Descendants of the Mead-Van Duyne couple owned the home until the early 20th century.


543 Berdan Ave, Wayne, NJ 07470