In 1695 settlers acquired land for a cemetery at West Broad and Wood streets. In 1702 the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts sent Anglican missionaries from England to New Jersey. One of them, John Talbot, became rector of St. Mary’s Church (built in 1703) in 1705. It is the first and oldest Episcopal congregation in New Jersey.

Loyalist Rev. Jonathan Odell was minister at Burlington’s St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. He fled to New York in 1777 following demands from New Jersey’s Provincial Congress to sign a parole agreement. He later settled in Canada with other Loyalists.

As the congregation grew, parishioners decided to build a new, larger church. They commissioned Richard Upjohn to design it. In 1846, construction began on adjoining land at 145 West Broad Street. It was consecrated in 1854.


145 W Broad St, Burlington, NJ 08016