Old Tennent Church traces its roots to 1692, when Presbyterians who fled religious persecution in Scotland cobbled together enough money to purchase the land and build a log cabin just a short gallop from Freehold’s emerging population center. A bigger building went up in 1731, and two decades later the current church was built which was not only huge but set the architectural pattern for other Presbyterian churches to follow.

Old Tennent church became a significant part of the Revolutionary War during the Battle at Monmouth. The building was used as a field hospital for the Continentals during that battle, and the battle raged not more than 500 yards to the east of the church.  This battle was a pivotal and extremely important victory not just for the Continentals, but was significant for the entire colonies and the morale of the Continental Soldiers.

Numerous notable Revolution figures are buried in the church’s graveyard, including Joshua Jack Huddy and Nathaniel Scudder.


448 Tennent Rd, Manalapan Township, NJ 07726