During the Revolutionary War the British held the fort that was located near the park.  The Battle of Paulus Hook, in which an American force, led by Major Henry Lee overtook the fort occurred at the fort.

To commemorate the Battle of Paulus Hook the Daughters of the American Revolution erected an obelisk in 1903 at the center of the intersection of Grand and Washington Streets.  As early as 1919 maps indicate a playground at the southwest quadrant of the park, and PS 16 was built adjacent to it in the 1920s.

Auto traffic made the obelisk difficult to maintain; it was removed in 1936.  Photos from the mid-20th century show boxing matches and other activities in the park.  The general configuration of the park as it exists today was established from 1975-78 when Jersey City renovated the park.


226 Washington St, Jersey City, NJ 07302


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