On October 8, 1778, American soldiers under General Casimir Pulaski encamped in Little Egg Harbor Township, where they could keep an eye on the British ships still in the waters nearby. One group of fifty of Pulaski’s soldiers made their camp near where the monument now stands, on what was known as Ridgeway Farm. Pulaski made his headquarters about a half mile to the west, on what was known as Willets Farm. Other groups of his soldiers were encamped nearby.

On October 15, two hundred and fifty British soldiers under the command of Captain Patrick Ferguson made a surprise attack on the group of about fifty of Pulaski’s troops encamped on Ridgeway Farm near here. They killed or wounded most of them, and took only about five prisoners.

When Pulaski heard the sound of gunfire, he rushed to the scene with his cavalry. However, the British had attacked and left so quickly that Pulaski’s men arrived after the British were already gone.

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