In March 1778, Salem was occupied by about 1500 British and Loyalist troops under the command of Colonel Charles Mawhood. Loyalist troops were Americans who sided with and fought for the British in the Revolutionary War. Mawhood’s objective was to confiscate cattle, hay, and corn to bring across the Delaware River to Philadelphia, which was controlled by the British from September 26, 1777 until June 18, 1778.

Four soldiers killed by Mawhood are buried in St. John’s graveyard, Samuel Dick, Jacob Hufty, Andrew Sinnickson and Thomas Sinnickson. In addition, two other soldiers, William Parrett and Andrew Yorke, are buried here.

St. John’s Church was heavily damaged during the occupation. That original church building which stood here during the Revolutionary War was replaced by the current structure in 1838.


76 Market St, Salem, NJ 08079