Attention Eagle Scouts! Are you looking for an Eagle Scout Project?

If you are looking for an Eagle Scout project, The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route NJ (W3R-NJ) offers an opportunity to troops to participate and partner in a noble quest.

The most recent scout to partner with the W3R-NJ was Christopher Solan of Troop 84 Somerville. He re-blazed the Trail taken by the French Army right through our back yards to its rendezvous with history at Yorktown, Virginia. Providing signage and interpretive markers with his partners, Christopher marked only a fraction of this historic journey to American freedom. From Ringwood to the Trenton area tracts remain unmarked. This is also true for the American Army. Come be apart of history!

You will plan, develop, and give leadership to others and benefit your community when completing this service project. You could fulfill requirements for the Historic Trails Award and/or the American Heritage Merit Badge!

Contact Kathy Faulks, W3R-NJ Chairman at 732-469-5836 (after 4:00 p.m.) or [email protected] with questions.

Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route in New Jersey Association (W3R-NJ) is a non-profit corporation that was formed to promote, preserve, and commemorate the march of the French and allied expeditionary forces through New Jersey, to support activities of local historical organizations, promote the goals of the National W3R Association and the National Park Service The Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail.