Commemorative Tree Program at Liberty Hall Museum

In the 1760s, when Governor William Livingston purchased land in Elizabethtown, NJ for Liberty Hall, one of his goals was to establish a garden filled with unique specimens, a truly beautiful and enduring legacy.  The magnificent Horse Chestnut tree which stands just outside the front door of Liberty Hall is over 240 years old today and one of the oldest trees in New Jersey. You can also find a Bartlett pear tree, Seckel pear tree and Buckeye trees that are also among the oldest of their kind in New Jersey, all right there on the grounds of the Liberty Hall Museum.

In recent years, especially due to Hurricane Irene and Super Storm Sandy, several of their beautiful trees were lost to the violent weather.

Through their Commemorative Tree Program, you can help them to recreate the beauty of these lost historic trees.

The gift of a commemorative tree in tribute, honor, or celebration of someone is a lasting, symbolic gift. Upon donation of a tree, the honoree’s name, type of tree and tree number will be displayed on a tree tag, affixed on the tree so that all visitors will see it clearly.

For more information on this exciting project and to purchase a commemorative tree, please visit: