Crossroads Self-Guided Audio Tours

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Now you can download your own Revolutionary New Jersey guide to exploring a wealth of history and heritage.


Crossroads has partnered with TravelStorysGPS to bring you free audio tours that explore New Jersey’s diverse Revolutionary War history. Download the TravelStorys app to your mobile phone or tablet using the buttons above, or click here for instructions on how to access Crossroads tour once you’ve downloaded the app.

Not able to make it to the tour route in person? You can still explore our tours remotely! Click the red “Tour from Home” button to play our audio tours from your desktop.

Ten Crucial Days

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Travel in time to December 1776 as General Washington and his troops prepare to make a perilous trip across the Delaware River. Meet them on the shores of the icy river, listen as they make the historic crossing and follow their route to Trenton for two historic confrontations, then on to Princeton.

Road to Morristown

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The Continental Army’s challenges were not over after the Battle of Princeton. Their route to safety in Morristown brought them along treacherous roads. As our tour brings you from Princeton to Morristown on modern thoroughfares, stories of the Continental Army’s experiences will transport you to early 1777 as they marched through the Millstone Valley and northward to arrive, exhausted and restless, at their winter quarters.

Behind the Scenes

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Find out more about the historians, artists and technical team behind the Crossroads audio tour, and the sources behind the stories we tell on the tour. You’ll also find sources and bibliographies you can use to deepen your own exploration of New Jersey’s deep and complex Revolutionary heritage.

Crossroads of the American Revolution’s free downloadable smartphone app will include a network of trails to help you connect to New Jersey’s rich Revolutionary-era heritage, on the road or at home. Download a tour to your smartphone, and as you drive, embedded GPS coordinates will activate brief audio stories of people, places and events that connect you to our rich Revolutionary-era heritage. Stop at a featured location to explore on foot and enjoy local recreation, dining or shopping, or continue on and listen to the narrative as you drive.

The Crossroads audio tour series includes stories of the war’s impact on New Jerseyans of all backgrounds and the hard choices they made during the conflict. With accounts of the enslaved, free Blacks, women and children, heritage travelers will find a deeper, more nuanced understanding of life in New Jersey during the late 18th century.

Contact Crossroads Program Manager Laura Foley at [email protected]