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Ten Crucial Days


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Crossroads’ first tour takes travellers back to December 1776, where they can cross the Delaware River with General Washington and follow his army through Trenton to Princeton.

Faced with an intense and powerful blizzard on the evening of Christmas Day in 1776, General Washington’s army, strategically guided by members of the Hunterdon Militia, made a bold and risky decision to cross the Delaware River and strike the Hessian garrison in Trenton – an attack that would alter the course of the American Revolution and the fight for freedom.

The first Battle of Trenton was quickly followed by a second battle after which the Continental Army made a stealthy nighttime maneuver and a surprise attack on the British troops in Princeton.

These victories strengthened the morale and the resolve of the Continental Army as they headed for winter quarters in Morristown.

Road to Morristown


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Washington’s withdrawal from the Battle of Princeton was not one without its arduous challenges and treacherous roads. The road to Morristown brought the Continental Army along today’s Millstone National Scenic Byway north toward Somerville and past historic Route 202, Pluckemin, and Vealtown, finally arriving in Morristown, where the exhausted and restless army spent the fast approaching and intense winter.


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