Gov. Murphy signs legislation authorizing 250th planning

Governor Phil Murphy has signed legislation requiring the New Jersey Historical Commission to establish a program for commemorations and observance of the 250th anniversary of United States, in a public-private partnership with a nonprofit organization responsible for the maintenance and administration of a national heritage area dedicated to the history of the American Revolution as it relates to New Jersey.

Earlier this week, news coverage and editorials highlighted the heritage tourism benefits New Jersey will reap from preparing our historic sites for the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution.

This August 14 editorial in New Jersey’s Gannett newspapers highlights longstanding need for investment in the state’s historic sites, including signage and upkeep,  noting the opportunity to capitalize on attention that will come as a result of the anniversary.

NJ Spotlight covered a recent state senate hearing on the legislation creating a public-private partnership to manage the state’s commemoration of the 250th.