HP of the Week- “The General Settles In: Washington at Rockingham September 1783”- Sept. 9

On Saturday, August 23rd, 1783 General and Mrs. Washington arrived at Rockingham, the Berrien family homestead, which had been rented by Congress for their use. As they settled into the place into the month of September, Washington was seen by members of Congress relaxing and even joking. He was looking forward to being under his “fig and vine” as he often wrote during this year. The battles were over and the return home soon at hand. On September 5, he and Martha hosted a large gathering, including “all the present members, Chaplains & great officers of Congress.”

On Saturday, September 9, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. the General will be in residence once again at Rockingham. David Emerson of History on the Hoof, will be embodying Washington and his early stay in the area, looking back on the trials behind, at the tasks at hand and the impending future of long retirement from public life (or so he thought!). Three main rooms of the historic house will be open with visitors able to “meet” the General and interact with him in an informal setting throughout the day. Accompanying him will be the Life Guard, a group of officers who served as his formal escort. There will be outdoor displays of military clothing and equipment and musket firings from time to time. In keeping with the spirit (if not the specifics) of the entertaining the Washingtons did at Rockingham, there will be outdoor pit-hearth cooking demonstrated by Diane Lingsch and an all-day variety of programming provided by Heart to Hearth Cookery on 18 th -century ice cream, or “creamed ice” as Washington described the delicacy he enjoyed.

The event is free, but donations to Rockingham are always welcome! There will be refreshments available and the Museum Store will be open. Come one, come all to meet the General, who was about to “take his ultimate leave, in a short time, of the Military Character, and to bid a final adieu to the Armies he has so long had the honor to Command.”

Rockingham is located on Rte. 603 (Laurel Ave./Kingston-Rocky Hill Rd.), one mile north of Rte. 27 in Kingston and one mile south of Rte. 518 in Rocky Hill.

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