Junior Historians 8-Week Home School Series- The Stories of Montclair Women

Registration is open for Montclair History Center’s Junior Historians Home School Series featuring the Stories of Montclair Women (1790-1950). The 8-week program starts March 2 and will include classes with a lecture, museum/archives activities, and a research/discussion component and take-home assignments. It culminates in a presentation of the students’ work at the last class for family and friends. The focus is on using primary and secondary sources to provide a deeper understanding of the events and movements in history. Students are expected to have a basic understanding of events and movements covered prior to the course. This class series will explore how women’s history often plays a secondary role to men’s, their stories are often left untold and/or researched. Each class explores a different time period spanning from 1790-1950 of women directly related to the history of our museums and other notable women from Montclair and NJ. The course also explores the relationship of wealthier women to that of enslaved, servant, and immigrants. The ever-changing role, careers, lifestyle, and influence of women in the community with be a theme for discussion. Some women explored may include Jemimah Condict, Lucy Stone, Alice Hooe Foster, Elizabeth Blackwell (pictured) , Jane Barus, and more. A detailed course outline is available upon request.
Upcoming Class: March 2, 9, 16 & 30 (Field trip to Labor Museum, tentative); April 6 (Field trip to the Shultz House) & 27 (Montclair Library Field Trip); May 11 & 18 (Presentation Day). This schedule allows the flexibility for breaks and research. Cost is $150 per student for the entire 8-week series. Registration required by phone or email: 973-744-1796 or [email protected]. www.montclairhistory.org.
If you are not a member, you may join prior to the event or at the event for admission by contacting the Montclair History Center at 973-744-1796, at www.montclairhistory.org, or sending a note to [email protected].
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About the Montclair History Center: The Montclair History Center, formerly the Montclair Historical Society, is an independent not-for-profit organization that has been dedicated to preserving, sharing, and educating others about Montclair’s history since 1965. For additional information, please visit the website www.montclairhistory.org or contact the Montclair History Center at 973-744-1796 or [email protected].