Learn more about Crossroads Heritage Tourism Audio Tour via informative video

Crossroads of the American Revolution has begun building a network of trails to link New Jersey’s Revolutionary War history and sites in a free downloadable app.

During this Zoom session, we shared our plans for this storyline-based, hands-free smartphone tool to help tourists and residents alike explore Revolutionary New Jersey.

Crossroads’ app technology partner is TravelStorysGPS, a software-as-a-service company that’s produced more than 170 audio tours in 36 states and three countries. A document detailing the app’s development can be found here.

Guest speakers included TravelStorysGPS Founder and CEO Story Clark and heritage tourism expert Cheryl Hargrove.

Any questions regarding the app’s development can be sent to Crossroads’ Program Manager, Amy Osterhout, at [email protected]. Please include the area of concern in the subject line.