Liberty Hall Announces New Project- Liberty Hall 360

Liberty Hall Museum is excited to announce their new project between Liberty Hall and the Robert Busch School of Design at Kean University: Liberty Hall 360. They are doing a Keanlift campaign to raise money to help purchase a higher quality 360-degree video camera, the GoPro Omni. They also hope to extend this campaign to enrich the project with stretch goals to include virtual reality viewing devices, renting props and period clothing.

The ultimate goal of this Keanlift campaign is to use the new camera to reenact the marriage of John Jay and Sarah Livingston through the use of 360-degree video.  John Jay and Sarah Livingston got married in the Great Hall of Liberty Hall on April 28, 1774. Their hope is to have the reenactment take place on their 243rd anniversary (April 28, 2017) in the same spot it took place.

This newest collaboration between Liberty Hall Museum and the Robert Busch School of Design at Kean University is one of many that help enrich the visitor’s experience at Liberty Hall Museum. They recently worked with them on Liberty Hall’s current exhibit, Toys Through Time: The History of American Fun to incorporate the use of augmented reality within the exhibit.

Check out the Keanlift video which features the students who will be working on this project to help bring this historic wedding to life: