Morristown NHP Crossroads signage unveiled

Dignitaries and friends of Morristown National Historical Park gathered at Washington’s Headquarters Museum on March 9, 2022 to mark the installation of Crossroads of the American Revolution-branded welcome signs at the park’s units in and around Morristown. Watch the unveiling video here.

Joining Crossroads Executive Director in the ceremony were Morristown NHP Superintendent Tom Ross, State Senator Anthony M. Bucco (LD-25), State Assemblywoman Aura Dunn (LD-25), and Chris Williams on behalf of for U.S. Representative Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11). The Park’s not-for profit partner, the Washington Association of New Jersey, was represented by President Michael Mullen and past President Russ MacAusland.

Morristown NHP is a Crossroads Gateway site, offering a broad range of resources for heritage travelers, students and other visitors as they start their exploration of New Jersey’s Revolutionary story. Ross explained, “We have the infrastructure, park rangers and staff for those interested in traveling through New Jersey and are interested in the American Revolution and what happened here.”

The signage unveiled during the gathering will remind visitors that they can extend their Revolutionary experience beyond Morristown throughout the state. Signs are installed at entrances to the park’s Fort Nonsense and New Jersey Brigade Units, with additional markers to be installed at Jockey Hollow in the coming months.

“As we all know it’s not possible to tell the story of the American Revolution without discussing the winters that Washington and his troops endured here, including what’s said to be the coldest winter on record,” said Selinger. “Explore the park’s four units and the museum, talk with the staff and you’ll learn that there are countless fascinating stories represented among the thousands of people who wintered at Morristown, both right here and a few miles down the road.”

Signage will also be a guide for an anticipated influx of visitors to the state during the 250th anniversary of the United States in 2026.

“We are very excited for the 250th and all the work being done making this accessible for tourists and visitors to tell the stories for the next generation,” said Williams.

“I often joke that here in Morris County we have a certain spirit because we have Revolutionaries in our soil, under our feet,” said Assemblywoman Dunn. “I believe that it should be on everyone’s bucket list for traveling to see this area, leading to a real increase in heritage tourism.”

Senator Bucco noted that the experiences of the bitter Winter 1779-80 Morristown encampment still resound today. “As I drove here today in a snowstorm in my warm car, in my warm coat, I couldn’t help but think about those proud patriots who endured winters without food and clothing and fought for their freedom.”

Reflecting on current events, Mullen noted, “We’ve always been guilty of taking our story and our fight for freedom for granted, and now every night we are glued to the television and seeing another country fight for independence. Let’s make sure we celebrate not just American independence, but the right for everybody, everywhere to enjoy independence.”