N.J.C.A.R. Raising Money for Project “Bridging the Revolution”

Check out New Jersey Children of the American Revolution’s crowdrise page and help them complete their “Bridging the Revolution” project at New Bridge Landing. Donate Here: “Bridging the Revolution”

“The New Jersey State Society Children of the American Revolution State President’s project for 2016-2017 will be focusing on the promotion of the New Bridge Landing site, located in River Edge, New Jersey. This site is primarily owned by the Bergen County Historical Society and located at the New Bridge Landing site there are also other historical buildings and artifacts, such as the Steuben House, the Campbell Christie House, and the Demarest House. These sites provide even more insight into life during the Revolutionary War, in addition to the life of multiple famous Revolutionary figures, such as General George Washington, who retreated across the Hackensack River at the New Bridge Landing Site. The project will be to raise funds for a new museum that is being built at the New Bridge Landing site, in addition to raising awareness about the site while also promoting the New Jersey State Society. On November 20th, 1776, General Cornwallis led his troops across the Hudson River to attack American troops that were stationed at Fort Lee. General George Washington led his troops in a retreat from Fort Lee, through current day Englewood and Teaneck, New Jersey. From there, the Continental Army crossed over the Hackensack River at New Bridge Landing, where they narrowly escaped capture. From there, Washington and his troops continued to retreat through New Jersey, where they eventually made the historic Delaware River crossing. The site has also been host to many famous Revolutionary figures, such as General George Washington, General Lafayette, General Steuben, General Cornwallis, and many revolutionary figures. In fact, Thomas Paine reportedly wrote “American Crisis” while under attack in the Steuben house. The site is host to hundreds of artifacts. The Bergen County Historical Society is now raising funds to open a new museum in order to house more of their artifacts from this site. This project, Bridging the Revolution, would be to support this new museum, while also raising awareness about this tremendous site. If a certain amount of money is raised, then N.J.C.A.R. will be recognized on a commemorative plaque in the new museum and also on the Bergen County Historical Society’s website, further promoting N.J.C.A.R.” To learn more about N.J.C.A.R. click here.