New Pokémon Go App Draws Visitors to Historic Sites

The new Pokemon Go app, part of the very popular Pokemon series of games, has kids and adults alike traveling to New Jersey historic sites and landmarks to catch Pokemon at “pokestops” and do battle at strategically placed “gyms.” Check out the photos from historic sites and the special Pokemon you can find there!

Pokestops include:

Historic Lambertville is a host to gyms where players can go to battle for special badges.

As always, when visiting these historic sites, please follow the rules set by the management and stay safe by watching where you walk and keeping your Pokemon search to public areas.

Plan your hunt with this interactive map of New Jersey sites (

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*For those who would rather not have Pokémon Go users at your site you can click on the following link to have your site removed from the game:

Courtesy of Cody Knowles/Crossroads
Jynx Old Barracks
Courtesy of the Old Barracks Museum
Courtesy of Cody Knowles/Crossroads

Courtesy of the Jacobus Vanderveer House
zubat old barracks
Courtesy of Cody Knowles/Crossroads