ODP & Wallace House Presents: Middlebrook 101: A Comprehensive Look

Join the Wallace House and Old Dutch Parsonage Association  on February 18th at 7:00pm for a special presentation titled: “Middlebrook 101: A Comprehensive Look” by Jim Kurzenberger, Historic Preservation Specialist of the sites.

In the winter of 1778, General George Washington’s Continental Army encamped at Middlebrook in the Watchung Mountains, just 3 miles from Hope Farm, now called the Wallace House. Washington chose the area because it was a defensible one, with a good network of roads, plenty of timber for the soldiers’ huts, and a sympathetic populace.

The area had few houses, however, suitable for officers’ quarters. Because John Wallace owned one of the largest homes in the area, he was asked to share his home with Washington and his staff. He agreed and the Wallace house became Washington’s headquarters for that winter. After spending 11 days at his new headquarters, Washington left for Philadelphia to attend Congress for 6 weeks.

When he returned to the Wallace House in February 1779, his wife, Martha, aides and servants accompanied him. The General and his staff kept busy by hosting foreign dignitaries, preparing dinner parties, and planning strategies for the upcoming spring military campaign. It was at the Wallace House that Washington and his staff planned the successful 1779 campaign against the Iroquois League, fierce allies of the British.

The annual meeting will follow the presentation.

$10 donation requested for non-members

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Location:The Wallace House Meeting Room
71 Somerset Street
(Parking lot located across from Circle Floors)
Somerville, NJ 08876