Rutgers to Host a Series of Presentations on the Revolutionary War in New Jersey

Long Valley resident Forrest “Woody” Burgener will be giving a series of ten presentations on “The Revolutionary War in New Jersey” for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Rutgers University beginning Wednesday, Sept. 2.

The talks are scheduled for each Wednesday from Sept. 2 to Nov. 11 from 1 PM to 2:30 PM at the Highlands Park (New Brunswick) Campus at Rutgers.
“People, Places, Battles, Retreats, Wins and Losses” will be covered in an interactive fashion using artifacts, maps, exhibits and role play. Learn how to make Thomas Jefferson’s “Meringues” and “Humble Pie” and/or how to load and fire (not in the classroom!) the famous “long rifle” of Revolutionary War sharpshooters like Daniel Morgan.

Washington’s route through New Jersey to Yorktown? Got it covered…and…everything you wanted to know about New Jersey’s role in the Revolution. The cost for the 10 week course is $80. Interested “historians” can register by calling 848-932-0LLI or at OLLIRU.RUTGERS.EDU.