The Trial of Abraham Hunt- An American Christmas Story- Dec. 28

Get your tickets now for the staged reading of the new play, “The Trial of Abraham Hunt- An American Christmas Story,” on Dec. 28 at 7:30pm during Trenton’s Patriots Week 2016. Presented by Theater to Go at the 1867 Sanctuary in Ewing, NJ, this event will include a talk back with the playwright Michael A. Davis and noted historian Larry Kidder following the performance. Come, mix and mingle with the cast and enjoy refreshments. For tickets click here. Tickets will also be available at the door on the day of the event.

Synopsis:  CHRISTMAS NIGHT 1776. Trenton merchant and newly avowed British Loyalist Abraham Hunt is hosting a Christmas party for the occupying Hessian enemy. George Washington is closing in for his attack on Trenton. An ominous knock on Abraham Hunt’s door by a British sympathizer interrupts the festivities. One false move by this apparent traitor and the American Revolution will die on his doorstep.
“You must be well convinced that it is indispensably necessary to bear the suspicion of being thought inimical; and it is not in their power to assert their innocence, because that would get abroad and destroy the confidence which the enemy puts in them.” George Washington to New Jersey Governor Livingston regarding suspected traitors. 1778
But was Abraham Hunt really a traitor or did Providence play a role that Christmas night to save our nation? A jury seat awaits you.